Claude Dozorme Laguiole Cheese Knife - Olive Wood Handle With Box

  • £45.00

  • It is for this unrivalled expertise, that goes hand-in-hand with innovation and is passed down through the generations, that Claude Dozorme was awarded the title of Maître Artisan Coutelier by the French Chamber of Trade. 
  • In 2009, to reward it for its deep roots in the region and its success, the Claude Dozorme cutlery firm was awarded the Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, a guarantee both of its expertise and the fact that its products are made entirely in France.
  • With wooden presentation box.
  • Length 24cm

When talking about France, cheese is one of the first things that comes to mind. Boasting around a thousand different varieties and an annual consumption of 24 kg per person, France is unquestionably the country of cheese. The Auvergne, the cradle of the Dozorme cutlery company, is up there with the frontrunners as it produces one-quarter of AOP (protected designation of origin) cheeses in France. Therefore, it was only natural for the Dozorme family business to develop a range of products for this jewel of French gastronomy. A delicate regional product, whether it is soft, cooked or blue-veined, all cheeses require specific cutting and appropriate serving techniques. 

The Dozorme company exquisitely makes a wide range of slicing and serving utensils that ensure flawless cheese platter presentation. Today, the history of a Claude Dozorme knife is inseparable from the choice of steel. Exceptional cutting edge, simple sharpening, the hardness of the blade… these are all qualities that are inherent to the steel used to make the knife. Whether stainless or Damascus, the steel undergoes a strict selection process to ensure it fully conforms to the brand’s quality requirements. Each year, the company converts nearly 10 tons of steel from major steelworks in France, Germany or Sweden.

Presented in a wooden gift box.

Length 24cm

Country of Origin 

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