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Personalised Acrylic House Number & Street Name Sign

  • £14.99

Maximum 4 Numbers Including Spaces

Our signs are designed and printed in-house using the latest printing and cutting technology and are made from very locally sourced acrylic, is lightweight and very easy to install........absolutely no drilling is involved with this particular item. We cut and place VHB external tape to the back of the sign. This is an incredibly strong adhesive external tape that, once set/cured, will not budge no matter what nature throws at it!

Simply enter the door number and street name in the above text box. A proof will be sent to you before we start production.

Installation Instructions.
1. Clean the surface of the wall thoroughly and ensure the surface is fully dry
2. Peel off the tape backing
3. Push the sign evenly against the wall
4. Keep applying pressure for 5 minutes until the external tape has set. Then leave in place. The tape will continue to cure and bond with the surface for up to 3 days.

Please make sure you have the sign level before applying pressure for the whole 5 minutes.
If you find that it is not level when you first put it in place then quickly remove it and try again, following the above steps.
If you wish to remove the sign at a date in the future then apply WD40 directly to the tape and leave to soak for several minutes. You should then be able peel it off the wall surface.

200mm x 100mm x 5mm

Gloss White Acrylic/Perspex: This material is completely weather resistant, strong (whilst remaining lightweight), locally sourced and is manufactured with very very little waste (currently 3% but we are still working on reducing that even further) meaning it has a low carbon footprint.

UV Ink:
This is cured and bonded to the acrylic and will last years.

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