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Beautiful. Unique. Sustainable.

About Us

We started off with a love of rustic natural products but were having a difficult time finding beautiful rustic kitchen and serving ware. After investigating different wood types, we agreed that olive wood was one of the world's most beautiful woods and quickly realised it would fit in with our commitment of providing a long lasting, beautiful, durable products. So, what was once a food blog (many years ago) was transformed into The Rustic Dish that you see today. 

We have since expanded our range into other personalised rustic gifts and homeware and continue to source and promote handmade products from around the world.  Most of our products are designed in-house and made for us by artisans from around North Africa, India, France, Italy and Nepal. We source our olive wood from farms that normally discard their very old trees which had come to the end of their natural fruiting life.  We are very passionate about this as it allows the olive tree farmers to reinvest in new, younger, more productive trees. This injection of investment allows the farmers to continue employing their family members and workers in local communities in some of the poorest regions in the world. Our journals are produced in India and Nepal using very natural, acid free, sustainable paper. The leather is a by-product of the food industry and is naturally dyed using vegetable extracts. One thing is for sure. We hate plastic! We try our hardest not to use any in our packaging. Sometimes we cannot avoid it like packing tape for instance, but the search continues to find a replacement! 

The Rustic Dish workshop is located in the beautiful East Anglian countryside.  This is where we design, personalise, engrave and finish the raw products that come in to us from all over the world.....and we absolutely love what we do!
Every member of staff at The Rustic Dish is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience combined with high quality amazing products. If you have any questions regarding The Rustic Dish's range then please feel free contact us and we will answer your query as quickly as possible.
Thanks for reading and happy shopping. 

Lee Matthews
The Rustic Dish Ltd